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"Dr. Tim Lebens instils confidence in that he will do his very best to find a remedy for any ailment, and having been treated by many a doctor over the past seventy years - He is the best! I have had the pleasure of having as my physician." Mr RL (Patient)


"Dr Lebens is an exceptional GP and above all has demonstrated the outmost professionalism and I feel GP's like Dr Lebens, in general do not get the recognition that they deserve." Mrs AH (Patient)


"I would recommend him wholeheartedly." Dr TH (Colleague)


"Dr Lebens is professional, courteous, supportive and has very good all round clinical knowledge. He is a credit to the profession. I'm a doctor myself and can honestly say that I would be very happy for him to care for my family members - such is my confidence in him. " (Colleague)

"My mother and I wanted to thank you for great medical treatment and kindness you gave to my father. Your care extended not only his life but also the quality of his life - he was active to the end. Your patience and diligence were wonderful. Many thanks from a grateful daughter" AL (Patient)

"I was very lucky to have a friend recommend Dr Lebens to me when I most needed medical help. Dr Lebens was experienced and knowledgeable, giving practical advice to address a series of my perplexing symptoms. I recommend Dr Lebens to anyone who wants to be looked after by someone who is not only good professionally but is also sympathic, kind, and genuinely cares for your wellbeing." Mr RD (Patient)

"Dr Lebens is a fantastic Doctor, I couldn't recommend him more highly. He has also treated me for acupuncture for my shoulders and neck which has been a great help and an added bonus I have never been offered this by other doctors in a GP practice. Dr Lebens is considerate and very helpful with his advice." Ms TS (Patient)

"I normally don't write reviews but feel very strongly about sharing my experience of Dr Lebens. He has been a tremendous GP to me, always on hand when needed, extremely knowledgeable and calm. I feel very lucky to have met him." BM (Patient)

"Dr Lebens is an excellent healthcare professional. I have seen him fairly frequently over the last 6 months for one particular condition and he has really impressed me with his patience, willingness to listen, advice and, of course, diagnosis and treatment. He very much treats people holistically, offering not just medicine but also health and welfare guidance (to improve sleep, improve mental focus etc) and has suggested a number of useful books and apps to help me understand my condition and manage it effectively. He supported me over the course of a difficult six months and was friendly, approachable, and non-judgemental; he kept a close eye on me and really was a great help in many ways. I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending him." Ms SE (Patient)


"loyal patient base and v efficient " (Colleague)


"Excellent Clinician" (Colleague)


"A thoughtful and kind individual." (Colleague)


"Dr Tim Lebens is a thoughtful and caring doctor. He coordinates the care of his patients very well. He retains clinical knowledge of their situation and uses that to ensure their treatment is appropriate and safe. ​ He is a reliable and helpful colleague​ ​ "


"I have known Dr Lebens for many years. He has a very good following of patients who trust and respect him.​ He has a very polite and discreet way with him; he is friendly with good eye contact and has excellent communication skills "

"Dr. Tim Lebens is a complete physician whom I have had the pleasure of having as my doctor. He is kind, pleasant, sympathetic and patient in dealing with my ailments and it is always a pleasure to see him.. He has given me many acupuncture treatments which have greatly eased my shoulder and neck aches." Mr AS (Patient)

"Dr Lebens, Thank you so much for taking such excellent and rapid care of me. I really REALLY appreciate it" TS (Patient)

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